Thursday, March 13, 2014

Ray Ban Outlet

In 1937, the company officially put the glasses to the market and renamed "Ray-Ban". U.S. Admiral MacArthur year is wearing rayban. During World War II , rayban by the government as a standard lens sunglasses , the sunglasses do USAF combat mission to bring a lot of convenience , some people even call rayban for the Allies win World War II hero one . Initially, the spectacle of this new invention is merely a pilot goggles , and later found that it really can absorb maximum sunlight , at least divergence of energy, but also to maintain good visual clarity capacity , the trial in the military , the result is very satisfied , then gradually in the U.S. to promote open . During World War II , wearing a leather jacket, wearing a pair of American pilots often chic ray ban sunglasses , access to many countries and regions in the world , giving people the impression of a bold, chic impression with the words now , is pulled , then became a popular factor .
In 1936, Bausch & Lomb sunglasses will be introduced to the general public of this , but it 's early in the sales show that the average person is not interested to rayban sunglasses . In this regard, Bausch & Lomb was not discouraged by their analysis, the rayban sunglasses outlet  made ​​some small changes , once again pushed into the market . Contrary to the company 's expectations, which slightly changes rayban sunglasses , not only the price soared, and has become one of the most popular was the best-selling hit. At the time, the men said that the United States is almost always a rayban sunglasses , and to wear this mirror to show their mettle MAN . Developed later , the ladies have also ubiquitous ball rayban sunglasses come , and the U.S. pretty ladies wear rayban sunglasses actually there is a different style, particularly striking and full of charm.
Into the 1940s , rayban for the U.S. Air Force has produced a tilting mirror reflective sunglasses , giving users maximum eye protection . During World War II , American pilots dressed in leather jacket , wearing sunglasses rayban novel and unique in the world, its chic valiant image, greatly enhance the visibility of rayban sunglasses in the world. At that time , even the United States Admiral MacArthur often wear a sunglasses, also cheap ray ban products. ZIPPO lighter with the same experienced World War II rayban sunglasses , became one of the American flag , and after the war as a fashion products , quickly swept the globe.
Over time , the increasing popularity of sunglasses , and gradually by the fashion jewelry , into daily life essentials .
1950s , rayban introduced to the market has multicolored lenses and fashion  cheap ray ban sunglasses large frame , together with a female sunglasses series.
1960s , rayban lens cracking advent style design of its rough and stylish sunglasses .
1970s , rayban sunglasses can be introduced in different color light for the wearer to provide the most clear visual sense .
Mid-1980s, Tom Cruise wearing aviator sunglasses rayban classic styling swept the world in the " Top Gun" , and set off another wave rayban sunglasses heat. Since then , in recognition of outstanding contributions rayban fashion , the Association of American popular awarded substantial weight to its design awards .
rayban sunglasses species increasing , and the formation of traditional, modern and future series of three styles . In addition , depending on the consumer object , rayban sunglasses are divided into gentleman, lady , sports three types: type stable noble gentleman ; lady type casual elegant ; sports movement is full of sunshine .
Timeless design , simple style and high quality style, undoubtedly become an important element of rayban brand through nearly 70 years later still enduring .
From brand creation date , rayban has been the world 's best-selling sunglasses brand. Support this achievement is rayban consistently high quality and elegant design . Bausch & Lomb optical technology innovation , making high -quality lens has become one of the biggest selling points rayban sunglasses . rayban glasses to glass -based, strong shading effects , all lenses are able to block 100 percent of harmful ultraviolet rays, infrared rays while filtering harmful rays . Now use the polarizing film technology , makes the light to reduce the damage to the eyes of many . rayban frame design and manufacturing is also excellent , no matter under what circumstances , can make people comfortable to wear.